Lot#3 at Sterling Business Park, under contract from the Wayne Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO).

This project involved planning and execution to prepare the site for a 33,600 square foot building located at the Sterling Business Park. Our comprehensive scope of work encompassed various essential components, including fine grading for pavement preparation, asphalt paving, construction of concrete curb and sidewalk, and installation of water, sewer, and electrical utility services. Additionally, we implemented stormwater roof drains, guiderail, lighting, landscaping, and erosion and sediment control measures to ensure environmental compliance and safety.

In addition to the site construction work, Rutledge Excavating undertook various tasks related to building construction, including the construction of perimeter frost foundation wall and piers, intermediate piers, concrete slab foundation, backfilling and compaction, roof drain connection, utility connections, and building erection. Our team’s dedication to excellence and professionalism has this project on track for the successful delivery of a site ready to accommodate the envisioned building and its operational requirements. We are proud to have contributed to the development of Wayne County’s economic landscape through our partnership with WEDCO.