This project’s extensive scope encompassed various activities ranging from wetland construction to roadway rehabilitation, spanning from the Lenhartsville Bridge to the Berks/Lehigh County line. Key components included excavation, micrograding, soil testing and amendments for wetland creation, landscaping, and the installation of infrastructure elements including culverts, fences, gates, level spreaders and erosion control measures. Additionally, Rutledge Excavating undertook the provision and placement of vegetation, including trees, shrubs, and grasses all protected with deer and goose fence as well as turtle basking structures all to support ecological restoration efforts.

This project holds significant importance as it addresses environmental concerns while concurrently enhancing transportation infrastructure. The incorporation of wetland creation and restoration measures aims to mitigate the impact of roadway construction on natural habitats and wildlife. Furthermore, the inclusion of trails and parking lot improvements underscores a commitment to fostering accessibility and encouraging recreational usage of the area.

Throughout the project lifecycle, Rutledge Excavating demonstrated unparalleled dedication, technical proficiency, and collaboration. Adherence to stringent safety protocols ensured the well-being of all stakeholders while maintaining an efficient and productive work environment. Effective communication and transparent project management facilitated seamless coordination among all parties involved, ensuring the project’s timely completion, and staying under budget.

Rutledge Excavating takes great pride in the successful completion of the State Route 0078, Section WET Wetland Mitigation and Construction Project. This accomplishment underscores our firm’s dedication to delivering superior quality outcomes that align with environmental stewardship and community enhancement goals. We extend our gratitude to all project stakeholders for their invaluable contributions and look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and success.